The relationship between dog and man is unique. No other animal has established such a relationship with man. As each person has his or her own personality, so does each dog breed. Therefore it is important that when one seeks to purchase a dog, one choose a breed that meets one’s expectations. In particular, it is important that those interested in owning a Great Dane understand the characteristics of the breed.

The Great Dane Club of Greater St. Louis was founded almost 60 years ago. It is an affiliate of the Great Dane Club of America, which was founded 122 years ago, three years after the founding of the American Kennel Club. Through these years the Great Dane Club of Greater St. Louis has offered a variety of services to Great Dane fanciers in the greater St. Louis area including Great Dane Shows (we will be holding our 45th Annual Great Dane Specialty at Purina Farms on March 4, 2011), puppy matches for those wishing to initiate their puppy’s or their personal show experience and Obedience matches or shows.

Those of us who have owned Great Danes for many years, love our breed enough that we want others who will love our breed to join us, but also enough that we do want that those not suited to own Great Danes to mistakenly become n owners.

The Great Dane Club of Greater St. Louis serves three purposes:

  1. to help educate and serve as a source of information to those seeking to purchase a Great Dane,
  2. to assist those who have purchased a Great Dane and
  3. to create an activity center for Dane owners who wish to participate.


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